Anti-Establishment Rapper The 4th World Releases Hard-Hitting Hip-Hop Single

                                                                "Corporate Colonialism"

Hip-hop trailblazer The 4th World  has released a powerful new - society-shaking - single, “Corporate Colonialism”, available digitally everywhere and released on all streaming platforms May 8th, along with a music video, marking the latest in a string of politically-charged releases from the London-born and based artist.


Drawing influence from activist/rapper Immortal Technique in his lyrics and composer Hans Zimmer in his orchestral backing tracks, The 4th World (a/k/a T4W) manages to fuse seemingly disparate influences into a unified sound with an unmistakable message of protest.

“Corporate Colonialism” surges over a trap piano beat and, as the title suggests, pounds with no-holds-barred lyrics targeted at exposing how the legacy of colonialism remains alive throughout the world today.

Right out the gate, he raps: “The Third World’s riches; still stolen over and over / Colonial Apartheid in a corporate makeover.”

By aiming his sights on the continued exploitation of Third World countries at the hands of greedy corporations, The 4th World hopes to expose --and halt-- the unjust cycle of poverty that deprives native populations of vast enrichment from the exceptionally lucrative value of their very own highly sought-after resources.

"Corporate Colonialism" has drawn conscious hip-hop parallels to fellow London rapper Lowkey's "Voices of the Voiceless", featuring Immortal Technique, and Immortal Technique's own "Point of No Return".


But T4W is an artist looking toward the future with a sound and subject matter that has never been more urgently needed than at present.

“Corporate Colonialism” is revolutionising the Black Lives Matter-inspired debate of racial equality being undertaken currently in the Western World - by bravely bringing to light the inhumane injustice of corporate sector-created human slavery and poverty in The Third World: where the largest concentrations of non-white human populations reside.

Therefore, T4W points out, “The Third World is the undeniable proof the dark soul of colonialism continues to endure; especially on a corporate level.

Underpinning his eloquent and informative lyrics is a desire to use his art as a vehicle to bring about positive change, and "The Anti-Establishment Artist" delivers a damningly-emphatic evaluation of such a hierarchical system currently governing humanity towards the end, at 2:55, when he hauntingly acknowledges:

"A world - so unequal - paints a dark material picture/ Billions live in poverty; so the elites can get richer."

“Corporate Colonialism” comes on the heels of other highly political and well-received music from the outspoken artist. His single “Human Independence Day, Pt. 2” from his 2018 self-titled EP has garnered over 35,000 streams on Spotify, and his prelude to “Corporate Colonialism,” the single “The System of Insanity Enslaving the World and Humanity, was Hip Hop Weekly's Indie Spotlight Pick of the Week.

The song also received praise from a number of publications, including A&R Factory, who believe “The 4th World isn't only an artist with the ability to urge the listener to wake up the world, he also has the ability to make his words flow like spoken word poetry.” Indie Spoonful also shared kind words: “The 4th World is so much more than a song; it is more than music and it is more than a message – it’s a call to wake up and ultimately to start a movement one song at a time.”


Underpinning The 4th World’s eternal pursuit of exposing injustice through music is a deep spiritual perspective on existence. The poetic style of The 4th World’s socially, ecologically, politically, and spiritually-conscious lyrics is to spread the message of an awakened alternative – the Universe’s spiritual message, as he puts it – to help inspire an emboldened new dawn for humanity to enter.