The Planet of Peace


Our destiny is in our own hands.

We can create with our hands whatever world we choose.

A world where peace, love, and equality thrive as our future.

Where Earth is nurtured to thrive, as the human race is its watchful guardian; a protector of life, not a destroyer. 

Living our cosmic destiny inside the Planet of Peace.

Cosmological Co-Creators

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One day, the majority of human society will have true access to the electromagnetic energy grids of Planet Earth that our ancestors knew of.

The resulting celestial technology will transform our existence to otherworldly realms.

It will be powered by clean, universal, cosmic energy, harvested from the Universe itself; we will harness its true engine to propel us forward into the galaxy and beyond.

We will travel this inter-dimensional universe and see what true existence looks like; a cosmos of diversely divine worlds and higher dimensional species, who we have been sheltered in the present from experiencing, to keep us alone and held down in the purely physical - and highly limited - third dimension.

But by breaking free to experience true existence, we will have activated our divine destiny; becoming cosmological co-creators of the Light. 

A Species of Separation


Why is our species living in different worlds, in different circumstances?

What good can come of this...but separation?

Is this really much of a shared experience for this species?


Separation leads us to being unable to relate to each other; it disconnects us from the collective spirit of humanity.

Ultimately, we gain nothing from this separation but detachment - and even worse - a lack of empathy.

This hierarchical and tiered  - First and Third World - system, a colonial relic still standing amongst the modern landscape of humanity, ensures 821 million human beings face hunger and starvation on a daily basis and 50% of all deaths in children under the age of 5 through malnutrition.

Ending the needless deaths of children should be the NUMBER ONE goal our species is working towards.

That's what a humane humanity would do; not sustain the system that caused their starvation.

Source image:

Slums built on swamp land near a garage dump in East Cipinang, Jakarta Indonesia.

By Jonathan McIntosh

The Face of the Forest

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Nature is the last hold out to preserve the spirit of the human race.

That spirit's innately peaceful and healthy connection to nature and the Universe has been decimated by an alien system running the world we are forced to live under.

In the conversion from the ancient to the modern world, this connection was lost, and with it our knowledge of the Universe ruthlessly stamped out.

This is not the world of the Light here on Earth; it is the shadow world of the Darkness.

A world where poverty, disease, war, colonialism, hatred, societal divisions like race and class, the destruction of the natural world etc, is not just allowed, but encouraged, to take place.

This global system of negative energetic suffering is highly unnatural to the universal energy of our soul.

The true existence of the Light is a world based on the pillars of compassion, harmony, healing, and benevolence.

This can still be activated and exist, but the further we disconnect from and destroy nature, the further we disconnect from and destroy our soul.

They are inextricably linked because they are from the same divine source: the Universe.

In life's quest to find this source, we are opposed by a malevolent system; hell-bent on preventing us being set free.

But to be free, we will first realise to save nature, becoming in alignment with it and harnessing its true healing powers, is how we save ourselves.

Do we want to access the benevolent destiny of our planet and species, or let them be the destiny of that very same malevolent system?

The Ruin of Racism


One day a world will exist devoid of the decay of racism to the human spirit.

Our history has been stained by the ink of its painful pain.

Our present deceived whilst its invisible hand lurks in the shadows, orchestrating world events at large.

But there will be a day when the future's light shines so sparklingly clear that the dawn illuminates the demon's den.

For when the Darkness leaves, and there is only light left on Earth, we will see how ALL of our colours are divinely bright.

That it is not our divisions that define us, but when our true consciousness - the human spirit - is activated with the coming together of the collective.

When a collection of different races truly fuse their power together to become one race; humanity.

When all colours become one trace; the Light.

Source image: One Race Human Festival

The Lost World of our Ancient Ancestors:

The Pyramids and the Sphinx: a lost world and knowledge

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A time of truly technological advanced innovation and cosmological power, shrouded in secret mythology by an education programme and controlled distribution of ideas we now call 'the news'.

We have been programmed to forget who existed before the world that we knew was built, fostering our collective amnesia of who we are as a species.


Our ancient ancestors knew of our connection to the stars and all who exist in the Universe, because the spiritual force of our species back then was too strong to be truly repressed - humanity and the Universe were more aligned.

The Ancient Sumerians, the oldest recorded advanced civilization, with a creation story far preceding the Bible, Enuma Elish, have shown us the Universe is literally our anatomical past.

They spoke of their Annunaki gods, who came to Earth from the planet of Nibiru, that created and ruled their civilization, who physically interacted with and advanced humanity; the elites of their society.

The Maya, gods of the Mayans, were documented to be from the Pleiades star system, whilst both its famous pyramids in Mexico and the Egyptian Pyramids of Giza extraordinarily share the same exact astronomical alignment of Orion's Belt, where the Egyptian God Osiris also was believed to have originated from.

The same cosmological knowledge imprinted all across the ancient world; the elites of Ancient Sumeria are why.

Their universal lineage has shifted through different guises and civilisations, even through to the present day.

So, who we were in ancient times is essential to who we are in the modern world; for who we were is the key to the freedom of who we can be.

A Place of Peace


This system is centred around chaos and negativity; money, politics, war, poor nutrition and pharmaceuticals, slave workers, the media, TV filled with violence and non-moral behaviours, substance abuse etc.

It is all to foster stress - the ultimate negative reality.


People spend their whole life caught in this vicious systematic cycle, but all it generally tends to lead to is one thing; dis-ease.

A state of unnatural being, away from where you are at ease, to a place where your body and mind has been shattered; cultivated through decades of unnatural behaviour.

But you ask most people what do they want in life, and their answer is usually pretty simple - peace. 

Peace of mind, peace for their health, and peace in their being.

That is who humans authentically are - peaceful - the ultimate positive reality, but the system (or society) is designed to get us as far away as possible from our natural state.

So make sure you are living a life true to, benevolently looking out for, the one who matters most: yourself, in a place of peace.

The Poverty of Planet Earth


Poverty is not a coincidence or unfortunate aspect of "life" - it has been specifically engineered by the system governing our species, so the vast majority exist in a material state of suffering. 

Colonial empires ensured the vast majority of humanity, especially non-whites, would be impoverished and deprived; the Third World is the living, modern-day, hallmark of colonialism's legacy.

These developing countries lose close to $200 billion each year through the tax evasion of corporations, who plunder the profits of these resource-rich lands because they still "own" these countries.

Because colonialism never ended. 


Like all malevolent entities, it shape-shifted into a more hidden guise, to deceive us into thinking it did.

The transatlantic slave trade may have ceased, but the centres of its operation - The Third World - remains, and whilst the future generations of those slaves may not be in shackles anymore, they still remain exploited in forced labour, by the corporations of the elites.

Source image:

Y1A1213 Nairobi,

Kibera slum, Nairobi, Kenya, 

By Ninara.