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The Message of The 4th World

The shadow, materialist, system governing our current Earth has to be exposed for what it causes; global suffering of the humans, animals, and plants who live here.

The elites, the gatekeepers who sit atop this world directing the chaos of civilisation, have no love for us; only for the insatiable levels of power and material wealth they accumulate at our planet and species' grave expense.

But the message of The 4th World is to not just refuse to watch the collective, healing power of the human race and Earth be held hostage any further over the rest of this century, but to activate it.

The Light.

To be a collective consciousness of service to others and the natural world - through love, peace, compassion, healing, and awakening.

This is the meaning of life, not the eternal dark negativity of wars, disease, poverty, religious/racial/class barriers, destruction of the natural world, and so on.

The elites don't want us to find the Light because that would illuminate their darkness.

The Mission of The 4th World

This world needs a new voice.

There are too many humans here sleepwalking through life, unaware of their true innate power and knowledge.

We live in a system, designed by the elites, to enslave and keep us from activating this power.

Our news is flooded with lies and propaganda to keep our species in collective ignorance, because the elites own - from the workings of societal level - pretty much everything...except our spirit.

It is the one intrinsic part of our being their society can never own.

My mission is to bring an awakened, alternative message - The 4th World - to the music mainstream; helping the people of Earth access a species-shifting knowledge.

So we can live in peace, prosperity, love, health, happiness, and harmony; not just together, but with our planet.

Humanity has not yet even scratched Earth's surface in accessing the abundant healing power of the natural world all around us.

Nature is  the key to benevolent reality.

The 4th World is how humans access their already innate knowledge to create it.